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Corporate Information

Spark Utility Service Private Limited, registered with Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi and Haryana, a Delhi based company, started operations on 14th Day of October, 2004. SUSPL has been the one of the leading contractors providing support in implementing power distribution reforms in the capital city and outside and is acknowledged for quality and efficient service by the respective agencies. In fact, the company has been continuously working with DISCOMS with the objective of providing reliable and quality power

Role in Power Distribution

With a highly enthusiastic team of qualified and experience Personnel ranging from ITI to Electrical Engineers to Finance Professional to IT Professional, we have been providing constructive support services to the DISCOM in Delhi since privatization and have played a pivotal role in implementing various power sector reforms introduced by Governmental agencies. Our services have been pivotal in bringing down the Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses in South & West Areas of NCT, which is a measure of overall efficiency of the distribution business. This is the difference between units input into the system and the units for which the payment is collected.

Technological Updation

- To Improve the supply of quality power round the clock with Proper maintenance of Grids and Transformers. In this regard we are continuously updating ourselves and the team to move along with technological changes happening in the field like introduction of High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) and LT Arial Bunch Conductor, etc. The remarkable improvement is clearly visible and can be compared from now and then.


- Efficient and timely reading of consumption of power has been the key to the reputation we have gained in past 15 years. Our team has been working day and night, rain or sun to ensure the timely capturing of reading of transformers. This reading has been instrumental in measuring the power output so that DISCOM can compare the same with actual billing and take remedial measures against power thefts. In this regard, we have been working shoulder to shoulder to work for quick response to the various requirements asked by the company depending on the changing circumstances


Safety has been one of key concern considering the nature of operation and the company has taken a lot of measures over a period of time to ensure safety of personnel and electrical equipment on which the work is performed like Transformers, Cable, energy meters etc. In this regard, considering the perils involved in electrical operations like short circuit, flash etc., the concerned personnel have been provided extensive training and awareness programs in inculcate the habit of applying all precautions before dealing with electricity and electrical equipment’s like wearing of safety shoes, helmet, proper fastening, taking a break down, time intimation and clear communication to concerned, etc.


Apart from safety, another highlight of our profile is highest standard of honesty, discipline and etiquette maintained by our employees in their conduct both in personal and professional sphere while dealing with other stakeholders specially the consumers i.e. during the process of change or installation of new meters, meter reading and other maintenance work of dealing other sort of consumers. Here the timely resolution of the complaint /faults is the key considering electricity being the basic prerequisite for day to operations, be it household i.e. domestic consumer or industrial consumer. With the continuous effort on developing time management skills amongst our supervisors, the company has received appreciation from DISCOM for our timely completion of activities and projects with regular feedback / status update and standard of discipline maintained by the team. Further the company has experienced HR professional who go through the background and analyze the psychological aspects of a person before hiring apart from technical qualification.


- In all the functions, be it operational or support, SUSPL has clear and transparent policies ensuring compliance with all statutory regulations and licensing requirements maintaining highest level of safety

Corporate Social Responsibility

On the front of our social responsibility we have started with the concept of charity begins at home, under which we are running a lot of programs for children and family members of our employees like proving financial and infrastructural support in getting higher education, provided adequate insurance covers, organizing health check-up camps, joint celebration on festivals and other occasions. Additionally, our team has been working for underprivileged members of the society wherein our employees provide voluntary services and participate enthusiastically in noble causes like blood donation, giving free tuition to underprivileged children, etc.

Environment and Energy Conservation

- The management of the company has always been sensitive towards environment. In this regard we have always strived towards the creation of paperless working by using latest technologies and other modes of communication. We train our employees who deal with consumers in their work be it maintenance of street light, meter installation, reading etc., whereby they always try to interact with people to bring awareness about energy conservation.